Fold Up a Graco Double Stroller in 4 Steps

Graco is a famous American baby equipment company that produce double strollers with good quality. According to our research, around 30% family in the US choose Graco as their double stroller for kids. Graco Double Stroller is easy to use but for those who use it for the first time, it might be a little difficult to fold up it. Here we give guide of folding Up a Graco Double Stroller in 4 Steps.

Step 1:
First of all you should take your baby out of the seat and stand behind the stroller. Not only for Graco double stroller, for most of models, you should act like that before foldin up. Then Depress the brake levers on each of the back wheels to keep the stroller from rolling forward.

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Step 2:
Look on both sides of the stroller handle and locate the release levers. The levers look like plastic loops attached to the handle tubes. Some models have a single release lever, while others have two levers mounted opposite each other on each side of the handle.

Step 3:
Now it is time to pull back on the spring-loaded levers to release the hinge lock on the stroller. The handle should slide forward easily. It is easy but very important.
Step 4:
Push the handle forward and over, toward the front wheels. The stroller will collapse onto itself into the storage position. Now you have almost finished folding up your models.

Graco double stroller is popular in the us and its design follows US style perfectly. It is easy to fold or unfold whenever as you want with its quick-release levers and perfect design. Follow our steps above and you can store your double strollers whenever you do not want to use it.

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