Research of Electric Cars Based on Children’s Feeling

With the development of our economy and living standard, consumers eventually focus on living a quality, there are enough conditions for people to make themselves live better.

Pay attention to the old, the child, different consumers, and subdivisionconsumers’ characters has been a consequent trend. Our life is becoming superior, gradation of our needs is higher, too. To customers, not only do products meet their needs use physically. But they are supposed to be added with something mentally more, supplying customers with delighted consuming experience. Relationshipbetween products and consumers are an important element which is not allowed to be ignored, and it is also a key factor in products’ design strategy. In fact, only in this way can make exact and effective products to meet children’s needs in experiencing.

The kernel of this article is to talk about strategy in developing and designing electricchildren cars.We can think deeply, analyse and sum up in children’s experienced view, according to consumer ethology, consumer psychology and consumer cognitivepsychology to analyse the design depended on consumers’ needs. Put forward product design theory, which both satisfies children’s experience in the sense organ, emotion, interaction and education, and considers it as a significant strategyfoundation when enterprises research and develop new products.

By analyzingcarefully on consumers’ needs and interactive experience, we try to seek a method of products’ development and design strategies relies on children’s feeling. By means structuring its frame, we can ensure enterprise to regard the needs of consumers as guide, develop valuable products for our consumers and create a favorableparent-child interactive environment. Then, the brand of enterprise will be promoted.Finally, the author combines a lot of experience himself through analyzingexamples, deepening understanding on the design. With the growth in the living standard people concern on disadvantaged groups-the child-more and more, high-frequency on the electric car. This article mainly aims at the electric children cars, their chief object to be discussed and designed.

The author combines studying theory and researching reality to carry out and state this article. In collecting data, researching and learning theory, starting point for children to explore differentcharacteristics of the children electric car, including physiology and mentality. Analyse children’re behavioral problem in their growing process. From the of scale, modeling, function, color and material quality to study the children electric car and ensure the design to be overallSections of article discussed mainly is consisted below: Firstly, introduction.

Expounding a prepositional background, meaning, study object and primary coverage. Emphasizing the electric children cars’ design is marketable trend, then analyzing the trend from every respect to providing the design with real conventions.Secondly, designate knowledge related to the car.Thirdly, design for children’s experience and the electric car.Fourthly, electric cars’ design research which is focused on meeting children’s various experienceFifthly, carrying out the electric cars’ design research which in view of children’s experience of the electric car.This article brings forth new ideas below:

Focusing on children, about their experiencing, and to find demand for product development and put forward innovated plans. Through children’connotation, action after an experienced, to explore essential for children’s real need, and regard it as a foundation for product development. By analyzing children with the view of psychology and physiology, including children’s changeable feelings, a form of thinking, the structure of bodies, structure of hands and sport ability to supply recordconsulting for the children’s electric car

Analyzing and studying at the point of children’s psychological and psychical features, including children’s change in emotion, thinking, physical makeup, and makeup ability in exercising, and so on, supplying reference of the electric car.

There are plenty of design examples in practice, supplying some thinking. It can inspire designers who are developing the electric car

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