The Innovation Design of Baby Trolley

While the lives of people are improving every day, people pay more attention to children, and the requirement of children products is much more higher.This thesis focuses on baby carriage products, using the way of theory be combined with practice to accomplish it. We gather information, analyse and study actual conditions, discovery all features of baby carriage products for children, which includes physiology feature, mentality feature and usability.

We analyse the most easily ignored as problems of children growing process, research the design factors from size, model, function, color, quality.This thesis includes four parts: Part cludes introduction and market survey, expatiates the background and object of study, points out baby carriage products design is the trend, then analyses this trend in detail, provides rerealheory of baby carriage products hohumanizationesign.Part cuses on the relationship of baby carriage and the user of it, provides the theory of the man-machine design.Part mmarizes the product features and design factors by the idea of.Mainly innovation points are:

1) Most corporations ignored the invisible user, adult. This thesis combines the adult use features of the baby carriage design, which includes adult hand structures, the handy feature of using baby carriage, the analysis of actions, makes a reference to the baby carriage design.

2) This thesis analyses the baby carriage design theory in two different angles, the humanization design and the man-machine design, avoids the confusion of it, provides a new design idea of baby carriage.

Every year there are more than 5 million infants born in the US. All the parents of these infants have the almost common built-up plan. So a large infant economy takes shape.

At present, the 4th birth peak is coming in our country, which is from birth control committee’s forecast. Undoubtedly, it will take a great opportunity to the infant market.Baby carriage is basic infant training tool to most families which take the essential role in modern life. However, in the current market, most of the baby carriages’function are simplex, and the life is just about 1 year. New model baby carriage are focussed on the baby’s behavior character and life style, has the innovation, which will lead to a better service to our babies and young parents.

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