What to consider before buying double stroller for twins?

It will be more difficult to take care of twins than single baby. And a double stroller is necessary if you want to take your kids out at the same time. There are many brands and models on the market so you need to consider a lot of factors before buying. It helps a lot if you consider its features, cost, reviews and drawbacks and pick the most proper one for you. Here we tell you what to consider whole buying double stroller for twins.

  • Price is the first you should consider. Compare to single strollers, double stroller are usually more expensive, but it is still not very expensive. You can get good models under 200 USD usually.
  • Determine the type you want to pick. Usually there is side-by-side double stroller or a tandem double stroller for you to pick from. A side-by-side allows both children to get the same view and is generally easier to use when getting the children in and out of it. A tandem stroller is narrower and is easier to fit through doorways. Consider which is proper for you, and pick the right one.
  • Pay attention to the wheels of double stroller. Wheels is a very very important part as it brings comfort to your kids. Good wheel is more comfortable and safe, so it is worthy buying.
  • If you want to run with your twins or will be using the stroller in off-road settings, opt for features such as all-terrain tires, large wheels and a locking wrist strap for added safety.
  • Also consider the recline angle while buying. If you will be using your stroller with infants, it’s imperative that both seats recline completely instead of being limited to an angle. If you are interested in a side-by-side model, check whether both babies need to sit at the same angle or if each side can be controlled individually.
  • Besides, you should also consider the overall weight and size of the model you are going to buy. Try it before buying at local store. If you can fold it up and take it with you easily, it is a good model for you.
  • Also check the extra features of your double strollers such as umbrellas, cup holders, basket underneath for storage etc

In order to buy a good double stroller for twins, just consider all the points we mentioned above, or just go to see the best double stroller of 2014 here.

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